24-hour monitoring

Have you ever heard an alarm going off in the area in which you live? Ever wondered why it seems to go on forever and no-one takes any notice?

It’s because the security system installed in the property is not a monitored system.

Why have a Monitored Alarm System?

24 hour alarm monitoring is not only becoming a necessity for the commercial business but more and more of our domestic clients are realising the added benefits of 24 hour, around the clock monitoring of their properties.

Allcom recommends monitored systems because stand-alone systems place the onus on intervention by neighbours, who may either be away or not prepared to put themselves at risk.

Our professional team of Security Experts attend all alarm activations and work actively with police to protect the safety of you and your possessions.

A phone-line monitor provides instant notification of alarm conditions, which are immediately reported to an Alarm Monitoring Station staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As soon as your security system is armed it’s ready to report a burglary attempt, a fire, or a panic condition to the correct authorities.

The cost of your weekly monitoring is tax-deductible for your business, even if you work from a home office!

And most insurance companies offer discounts on your house/business contents policy if an alarm system is installed – and the discounts are greater for back-to-base monitored systems.

You can be confident that when an event happens and the alarms are received that the quickest response possible will be provided and the patrol will be informed of what to expect on site.

Alarm verification can also be arranged where remotely viewed CCTV footage can be reviewed to confirm that there is a real event happening and gives you a considerable reduction on false alarms being actioned by staff, patrols and police.

Allcom offers 24hour monitoring from as little as $1 dollar a day, contact Allcom today.