Access Control

Access control is an electronic system that restricts and controls users by doors, floors, even lifts and areas. You can even limit the days and times access can be available. An access system has the ability to track and record usage and movement of users. There is a complete range of access control methods and systems to suit any application using fully approved electronic locking devices.

Most businesses, whether large or small, have a requirement to control access to their premises - in some instances for security and confidentiality reasons and in others to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

Allcom can help you control access wherever it's needed. Allcom also offers computer software that links to access control systems allowing you to have direct control of access card distribution. For superior access control integration systems from the professionals, talk to Allcom today.

Access control systems that Allcom install and use are Inner Range, Challenger Bosch and Paradox just to name a few.